Pretreatment Auxiliaries

Detergent and wetting agent. Low foaming and ready to use. Used in knit and woven pretreatment processes.

Sequestering agent which can remove metals such as iron, copper, zinc and magnesium that are present in water. These affect the textile wet processing.

Scouring agent. Used for the pretreatment process for removal of sizing materials and chemicals such as paraffin wax, spinning oils & knitting oils etc.

Oil removing scouring agent specially used in polyester & nylon textile pretreatment process.

Oil remover for Spandex fabric which removes silicone, paraffin wax and prevents redeposition. Works well at low temperatures also.

Acidic bio polish enzyme. Removes surface pilling and impart a clean and highly polished surface of the fabric. It gives a high contrast finish on cotton.

Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer, stables hydrogen peroxide at high temperature. It stabilizes for peroxide bleaching of cotton and blends. Stable to alkali.

Antifoaming or de-foaming agent which can quickly eliminate foam and prevents foam forming in textile pretreatment processing or dye-bath.

Multifunctional Scouring Agent. Excellent detergency and dispersible properties to remove the wax and other impurities in cotton and its blends.

Peroxide removing agent which is used to eliminate residual peroxide after bleaching.

Special detergent for the pretreatment process of blend fabrics. Low foaming and eco friendly.

Universal scouring, degreasing, wetting and stabilizing agent in textile wet processing.

Bleaching agents work at Low pH and low temperature.

An agent which decomposes hydrogen peroxide efficiently with a wide range of PH and temperature.

Anti-creasing agent with leveling dispersing and lubricants property.