Dyeing Auxiliaries

High performance Leveling agent used in cotton fabric dyeing process. Compatible with reactive dyes. Low foaming.

Levelling and dispersing agent for polyester dyeing at high temperature. Low foaming.

Low foaming wetting agent that increases the spreading and penetrating properties by lowering its surface tension.

Soaping agent used for the removal of excess unfixed dye present on the fiber surface.

Anti-creasing agent used for textile wet processing of cotton and its blended fabric. Working against the crease mark. Makes the fabric super flat.

Antifoaming or de-foaming agent which can quickly eliminate foam and prevents foam forming in textile pretreatment processing or dye-bath.

High performing and eco-friendly dye-fixing agent to improve fastness of reactive dyes.

Nylon fixing agent used to improve wet fastness of nylon or nylon blends. Tolerable & very minimal shade change.

Soaping agent which is stable at alkali. Resistant to hard water and no effects on shade.

Anti-creasing agent with leveling dispersing and lubricants property.

a chelating agent with dispersing property used as soaping agent to remove unfixed reactive dyes during dyeing or printing.

An excellent dispersing and levelling agent used for short liquor ratio dyeing of polyester and its blends.

High performance soaping agent for dyeing and printing which are dyed and printed by reactive dyes. Resistant to hard water.

Acid soaping agent which is used for cotton and polyester fabrics.

High effective anti-creasing agent with enhanced softening effect used to prevent rope marks.