About Us


Tangshian Group

Since its inception Tangshian Group has been focusing on researching and development of various types of chemicals. We have advanced facility, dedicated staff and excellent quality products. We supply high quality products and provide excellent services to our customers.


We have strong research and development team who always try to develop best quality product. We are very much careful to serve our customers. We never compromise about quality. We provide high quality product at completive price so customers are getting their desired product that creates less production cost and customer get benefited. All of our products are environment friendly.


Tangshian Group strives to make long term relationships with customers. We are committed to improving the technical expertise of our staff and be the leader in quality and innovation.


Tangshian Group is also committed to providing high quality products at very competitive prices and good service to the customers.


Quality Control

Tangshian Group has always given priority to supply high quality products on consistent basis. All of our products are Tested by expert and trained chemists before end user application. We never compromise about quality. That is why customers receives quality products for their smooth and hustle fee production. We supply high quality products and able to provide more competitive and cost effective products than comparable products on the market. All our products are developed, improved and standardized by research and development team.



Our key responsibility is to develop innovative chemicals and make them accessible to textile industries around the world. But at the same time we know that to support better textile industry for generations to come and we must also take responsibility by educating our employees, innovating for more environment friendly chemicals ensuring that we have no negative impact on people, communities and the environment.