Tang Shian is situated in Exeter city centre offering delicious and authentic Cantonese, Peking, Szechuan and Mandarin cuisine. We offer a large and modern split level sit down restaurant and a takeaway.

Master Chef Chen graduated in 1995 from the Culinary School of TianJin Tourism and Hospitality College, the most prestigious culinary school in Northern China.

Being one of the top students of his class, he was duly selected to join the restaurant of Tianjin City State Guesthouse.

During his stint with the State Guesthouse Restaurant from 1995 to 2002, he had the honour of hosting many of the national leaders of China and also foreign dignitaries.

Chef Chen specializes in Sichuan, Shangdong and Cantonese cuisine. His innovative and bold use of techniques from the different traditions have earned him praises from fans and food critics alike.

Since arriving in the United Kingdom in 2002, Chef Chen has been learning the Western dining experience and exploring ways to adapt fine Chinese cuisine. In 2012, he acquired Tang Shian in Exeter and revamped it into what it is today – the place to go to for fine authentic Chinese food in South West England.

陈师傅 – 1995年毕业于天津市旅游职业学校 烹饪班。毕业后就职于天津市国宾馆,1995-2002年属于国家级事业单位。就职期间接待过各界国家领导人,比如胡锦涛、李鹏、李瑞环、温家宝,还有各省市的国家领导人。在工作期间学习积累了川鲁粤几个地方的技巧,通过师傅的传授及自己本人刻苦的钻研使自己的烹饪技巧得以极大的提高。

陈师傅在2002年离开了国宾馆来英国发展,一直工作与英国各大的中餐厅,探索了解西方人的口味. 陈师傅的手艺结合西方人的美食传统和中式的烹调方法,致力于以打造优质的优质的中餐。希望借此能把传统的中华美食带到英国来,让大家真正领略到中华美食的精髓。”